from by Tiger Years



Ending quote taken from an interview with Roald Dahl.


Left for dead.
Rest my head on the riverbed.
Wear my body down to the bone.

Home arrest.
Built my nest on a spider's web.
Hear the creatures creeping below.

Watch the birds circle overhead.
See, I haven't said words of any worth for so long.
So I will contribute in silence,
this time.

Grey and old.
Rue the day I lose control.
Ground will part and swallow me whole.

Killing time.
Wait inside until the killing time.
These routines are all that we know.

Minor threat.
Tell a joke I could never get.

Have I stayed on track?
Or have I slowly turned full circle?
All communications miswired.


from (x÷&​-​), released May 6, 2013
Lyrics by Brough



all rights reserved


Tiger Years Falmouth, UK

Now that Mankind has totally discarded the sacred words from the Good Book, people can find a new faith from a five-piece set up scorned from the hazy seaside town of Falmouth Cornwall. The dynamic of this cluster of varied souls and their individual morals constitutes an extremely unique and somewhat pleasurable experience. You will live longer. Long live Tiger Years.

Words by Teddy Ardern.
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